Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of damage can be repaired? 
Generally damage comes in 2 forms – crack-line and spot damage. Spot damage may appear as star shaped, round bulls-eye shaped or combination of both. They are usually in the size of 10 cent or 20 cents coin although sometimes bigger ones are caused by greater impact. Almost all of these can be repaired. Cracks can also be repaired especially the short one. Cracks that exceed 12 inches generally take longer time and cost more to the repair.


Would repairs leave a mark on the windscreen that is visible?
Yes, repairs can restore the damaged spot to between 70 -90 % of the original. The spot or mark that left is on average 10 times smaller than then 10 coins and it usually a blurish spot, just like a dried up water droplet on the glass. Cracks after repair appear as a thin hairline on the surface of the windscreen.


How long can these repairs last?
With the good quality of resins and equipment, repairs can last for years. In fact we provide warranty of our repair, as long as you own the vehicle, against discoloration, deterioration and further damage.


Can repairs fail?
Everything in life can fail. That’s why we buy insurance! Repairs fail mainly because of extreme contamination. In case of cracks, we advise that windscreens that are treated with water repellent chemicals like Rain-X will have adhesion problems as the chemical repels even our resin to some extent. Not the entire crack will be affected, but often spots are seen where the resin does not hold.


If tinted film installed, will the repair affect the film?
No. In fact we save the tinted film. All the repairs are done from the top and not inside of the windscreen.


Can water leak through the repaired spot?
Never! The windscreen is made from laminated glass which are two layers of glass with a sheet of plastic film in between. Only the top sheet is damaged and even before repair, water cannot even enter the car through it.


How consistent our people in terms of repair quality?
Both of us are well trained in US and our others repairers or repair technicians are fully trained in-house by us. They undergo an intensive course on repair procedures and technology. After the training, they have to pass a written and practical examination before they are certified to do the work.


How can we convince our customers to go for repair?
They don’t need much convincing once they know the facts. They will go for anything that benefits them. Ironically the majority of car owners who have had their windscreens replaced did not know that windscreen damage can be repaired. Let us summarize the benefit:


  • They can keep their original windscreen, original sealant and also original fixing with pressure testing and also don’t waste their tinted film.
  • The original factory seal need not be broken, so no water or air leaks.
  • They get to use their vehicle after an hour or less.
  • The repairs are guaranteed – as long as you owned the vehicle.
  • Repairs don’t cost them anything since insurance policy pays for it.
  • No reinstatement is required.
  • Last but the most important is safety wise. Most of the serious accident where the people inside the car threw out of the car was because the front windscreen drops off of the car especially those with airbags. If one takes a close look at the passenger side airbag compartment, we would notice that very often it sits just a few inches away from the windscreen. Of course the driver side airbag is always housed in the steering wheel itself and the latter offers support for deployment of the driver side airbag, but danger lies in the other one. Imagine a head-on collision – airbags burst out, front passenger lunges forward into the airbag and the front windscreen flies out. It can be happened if the windscreen was replaced. With the originally factory fitted windscreen and seal, the changes of these happening is less then 1 percent because of stringent tests conducted prior to installation, QC processes in place and lack of contamination in a factory environment.