Brief history of the industry

Windscreen repair has been around for over 20 years, yet most people do not know much about it. Historically windscreen were mostly tempered glass which can not be repair, so there was little demand or interest in repair. However, many of today’s windscreen include costly high-tech features like heating elements, antennas, special UV coatings ( V-Kool), sensors & heads up display. Consider also the technical nature of the installation process & related safety issues which have become extremely important since the introduction of air-bag systems. Both the cost & safety factors have created a demand by consumers for alternatives to replacing the factory installed windscreen when minor damage occurs. Since the cost for windscreen repair is a small fraction of the replacement cost & because it allows the customer to maintain the original glass, factory seal & their favorite V-Kool tinted film, it has become popular.


Business Potential

Your windscreen repair earning potential
Base on an average charge of RM 100 per windscreen repair.


# of repairs Per Day Income Per Day (RM) Income Per Month (RM) Income Per Year (RM)
1 – 2 150 3,900 46,800
2 – 4 300 7,800 93,600
4 – 6 500 13,000 156,000
6 -8 700 18,200 214,400

* Based on 26 working day per month.
Any business that has vehicles can be your potential customers